Prologue - To Sing A Song

Ariel 1 - Isabel, Ariel 2 - Caroline, Ariel 3 - Ella, Ariel 4 - Lane

Spirits joins in the humming chorus up to measure 29.

On rehearsal tracks, singing begins around ‘30.

Act II Chorus ‘Now The Wind Begins To Blow’

All Ariels.

The Spirits create the storm measures 77 to 91, with chanting and sound effects.


Act III Chorus ‘Sleepy Slacked’

All Ariels. There are lots of small solos here and then you come together to make important points.


Act IV Chorus ‘Imagine Pericles - Now To Marina’

All Ariels.

Sop, Alto and Bass Clef Spirits to measure 23. The ‘imagine’ in measure 22 is spoken.

Marina’s Song Act IV Scene I ‘While Summer Days Do Last’

Marina solo


Act IV Scene II Tavern Song ‘The Luckless Sailor’ sung by the crusty bard



Act IV Scene IV ‘Me Who Stands I’ The Gaps’ & ‘In Sorrow’

Ariel 1 from measure 46. Ariel 2 & 3 from the beginning. Ariel 4 from measure 25.

Spirits chorus.

Act V Chorus ‘Our Story Says’

This is the July 12 rewrite.

Act V Scene I Marina’s Song recap “While Summer Days Do Last Recap’

Epilogue ‘Crowned With Joy’

Ariels’ rehearsal tracks reflect cuts made July 12 and all start from the beginning.


Instrumental Music - Recordings For Rehearsals

Act II Scene II ‘Parade Of The Knights’

Act II Scene III ‘The Joust’

Act II Scene III ‘The Knights Balter‘

Act II Scene III ‘The Ladies Spindle’

this is the update made July 19

Act III Prologue wedding theme ‘I Will Love You Through The Storm’

Act III Scene I ‘This Piece Of Your Dead Queen’

End Of Act III ‘A Song For Page Forty One’


Notes For Ariels on cuts to sheet music,made July 12

After our first music run through, Laramie and I have made the following cuts. These are in the same vein as the cuts made during table work, and have to do with relevance of text, momentum of story telling energy, or in one hilarious case (Our Story Says) my writing completely the wrong mood!

1. To Sing A Song

Measure 58 and 59 are cut. Lane - this means you will sing 'seat' on what is currently measure 60, replacing 'say'. This reference to 'authors' was weird. Who even?

2. Now The Wind Begins To Blow

Measures 94 to 98 the lower line of music, sung by Caroline and Ella is cut. The different lines were making the text difficult to hear, and TEXT IS ALL. Caroline and Ella please join the top line of music.

3. Imagine Pericles/Now To Marina

Measure 70 to 74 the lower line of music sung by Caroline and Ella is cut. For the same reason as Now The Wind. Caroline please join Isobel on the top notes. Ella please join Lane on the second notes.

4. Imagine Pericles/Now To Marina

Measure 75 to 94 is cut. This was losing energy because the text and music were repeating the same thing. A lot.

5. Imagine Pericles/Now To Marina

Measures 112 to 116, the second line of music currently sung by Caroline and Ella is cut. Caroline please join Isabel. Ella please join Lane.

6. Our Story Says and Our Sands Are Almost Run

These two songs are now combined into one song in this way: the TEXT from Our Story Says is now set to the MUSIC of Our Sands Are Almost Run. The original music for Our Story Says was too happy for where poor Pericles is up to in his story. And the text for Our Sands Are Almost Run didn't add much to the narrative.

7. Crowned With Joy

Measures 16 to 47 are cut. This text about lesser characters, where the play has already shown what happened to them dropped the energy. Please replace the current text at 48 to 51 'the worth that learned charity age wears' with the text currently at measure 16 to 19 'led on by heav'n and crowned with joy at last.'

Updated Backings For Choreography Sessions

Rehearsal tracks that have been updated - with arrangements for band and incorporating changes made via workshopping with the singers.