just a general note, the audios are a bit slapdash one way and another, but hopefully will give you an idea.

added June 11

Act One-prologue

Thoughts - there is some possible introductory music here, which I thought might suit Ariel arriving on stage, to lead into the humming. This can vamp too, ie vary in length. You didn’t ask for and it can be easily omitted. I’ve put in simple chords for strumming along, if you wanted ukes too. In the music is a ‘ding’ line, which might be a suitable audience opportunity.

Act TWO-prologue

Thoughts - The first section has strumming accompaniment, including a short intro - I didn’t have a suitable instrument to include this in the recording. Also I’ve included a little space for a dumb show in the middle, which can repeat easily, or be omitted if you don’t want it.


Thoughts - Music For The Knights’ Parade. I’ve jotted down a simple drum line, thinking if we don’t end up with a percussionist, this (or something similar) could be handled by cast perhaps. The song can keep rolling along or end at several spots, and there are options for either a more dramatic, or softer ending.

The Joust. The main idea I’ve had here is to just rock it out and get the audience literally chest thumping. Nearly all things here are sketches/suggestions. I was thinking about what you were saying about the challenges of having a horseless joust and thought at least I can give the audience something to keep themselves busy with. The video is my idea on the audience chest thumping.

Act TWO-SCENE three

The Knights’ Balter. As per our discussion I’ve made it clumsy and comic, but kept the time constant for our sanity. This is in five sections, which can be treated like blocks that can be cut out, shuffled or doubled.

The Ladies’ Spindle. I know you said you wanted this still uptempo, so is this OK as is, or would you like some more oomph? Like the balter, this is in sections, so can be shortened or lengthened.

Act Three - Prologue

Wedding Music. In the notes you sent me, you weren’t sure if you wanted a wedding dumb show. If you do, and you’d like some music, here’s some. Most of the song is currently repeated and it can be repeated as many times as needed. it can also end at several spots.

Act Four - scene one

Marina’s Song. “I will rob Tellus”.