Singing The Dots is partly a course in sightsinging, and partly a collection of songs for choirs.

Please help yourself to the PDFs. Thanks to the generous support of the Australian Kodály Scholarship, these books are available for free. They are free cost-wise and the copyright licence means the songs and resources are free for you to download, copy electronically or on paper, share, perform and record.  

Many singers would like to be able to read music but it can be hard to find time, enthusiasm and suitable material to work on sightsinging. I created Singing The Dots, so choirs can develop musicianship skills together while singing songs.

There are sixteen songs for choirs, each containing a sightreadable melody, and harmony parts. The songs are composed for adults. The ranges are comfortable and I chose text of beautiful, well known poetry. The songs slowly introduce musical elements and tools for sightreading, with simple explanations and short, lighthearted exercises.

Singing The Dots is based on the highly successful Kodály approach, adapted to the needs of adult choristers.

Live Recordings Of The Songs

To record the songs for you, Soprano Bethany Hill, Tenor Hew Wagner, Baritone Emlyn O'Regan and I travelled to Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia for a camping weekend. We recorded in an unpowered tin shed, standing around a single battery powered H2N.